Pale Nail Can Indicate General Health Problems

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The appearance of a pale nail will vary according to the cause and severity of the problem. Nail paleness can be triggered by trauma to the nail, or it may be caused by a disease. The scientific name for pale nails is leuconychia.

A pale nail is sometimes an indicator of a general health problem. For instance, people with chronic liver disease often show signs of pale nails. In the case of liver problems, the total amount of pigments in the nail may decrease, resulting in a pale nail. The liver produces hormones that determine the color of the skin and nails, and when these hormones decrease, people may show signs of pale nails. The liver produces some proportion of candida Albicans, and this can cause pale nails. The pale nail is often an early sign of diabetes. Skin problems in people with eczema are often accompanied by pale nails, and this condition can result in fungal infections that can cause nail fungus. The pale nail and nail fungus is often called many see nails that are pale yellowish and with very tiny white specks on the cuticle.

If you see a pale nail, it will be pale with white spots on the cuticle. This will give a feeling that the nail is disintegrating and falling off. Many times these fingers and toes will dry up and show no color at all, and this will be followed by persistent itching. The fingers and toes should be checked for disintegrating nails by your physician as soon as you suspect this problem.

More frequently, when the entire nail or the root of the nail begins to come apart, you will also notice weather effects such asyellowFace or white spots on the skin. The color of the skin and nails will depend upon the amount of damage that has been done to the nail root. Your physician can treat nail fungus with medications, or you may simply be seeking another way to treat nail fungus. Several types of medications will be used according to the color of the nail and the severity of the condition.

White spots on the nail may be a sign of liver disease; the pale nail may also indicate general aging. Injury to the nail root from frequent use of nail polish remover or physical injury may also be a contributing factor.

Nail fungus and the pale nail may also be caused by a yeast or mold infection. Once the condition is treated with medication, the pale nail will often go away.

Time treatment of pale nail can take up to a month. The pale nail will be restored to pink through the application of chemicals. Once the nail is completely pink and the appearance is complete, the nail will be completely removed. Another form of nail fungus treatment is laser nail therapy. This will be performed by your physician and will be used as a way of destroying the nail fungus.

Now that you know more about pale nail fungus, yellow nail fungus, and the yellow color of the nails, you will be able to better care for your health.

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