Drinking Water Treatment Systems

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You’ve probably heard all the information recently about drinking water treatment systems. The big companies are beating the “announcement” about their products each time a new study comes out with a negative outcome.

The studies are typically funded by the exact company looking to make a buck, and you know it isn’t the truth!

For instance, some of the “facts” on drinking water treatment systems are that they do not remove chlorine or other synthetic chemicals, are ozone free, and have a charcoal filter.

All of those “pics” you see in commercials are there for hype purposes.

Chlorine and other chemical contaminants can cause cancer! Furthermore, an increase of chlorine and other chemicals injected into the river and canal systems will increase the chance for arrangement, water quality issues, and all sorts of other problems.

So, in case you didn’t already know, chlorine is bad, but more importantly, the chemical contaminants that flow out of your drinking water treatment systems are worse!

To help you feel better, and to clear up some of the myths, here’s a list of facts you need to know.

  1. You get what you pay for

Yes, a few places in America still use a shower to wash water, but that doesn’t mean you get the best water and use it.

You need a whole-house system with a whole-house filter to get the best water and use it. That will provide you with the purest drinking water possible.

  1. There’s chlorine in the water, but other contaminants, too

Yes, there are contaminants in the water. Chlorine is present, as is lead, and other contaminants.

For instance, here’s what happens when you shower. The steam knocks around dirt and minerals and blows right out of the shower head. This contains all sorts of impurities that go nowhere and can make you very ill.

  1. Some pollutants blow right out of the shower.

This is called a gas escape. It contains pollutants and can be very dangerous. It can contain fecal matter, noxious chemicals, and, worst of all, GMOs (genetically modified organisms). All this can pollute your body’s fluids and cause ill health and problems with your digestive system, reproductive system, and infant Form.

  1. Using a whole-house filter will make you healthier.

Some people like to claim that drinking pure water will make you sick and hurt your health. The fact is that thousands of chemicals and other contaminants are ready to enter your body every day. It can be easy to forget that you are breathing them in, but it definitely is not a good idea to ignore this.

  1. Using a shower filter will protect you from cancer

Many people think chlorine in water protects us from cancer and other water-borne diseases. Actually, that showerhead is filling with toxins and making you sick.

To find out what a real shower filter is and if it’s any good, take a look at my bio below.

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