How to Live Without Excessive Sweating Underarms

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Excessive sweating condition is a boon and a bane to live with. It is said that sweating is important for the upkeep of our human body and indicates a person’s health and well-being. Too much sweating however can turn you into a social outcast and even lead to serious emotional troubles like anxiety and depression. So what is the point of being healthy when everybody else is trying to avoid you?

Scientists say that in order for the body to maintain its normal temperature, we have to sweat. This happens in extremely hot and humid temperatures when our body has to adapt to its environment and sweating helps cool our bodies down. Likewise, if you are active in sports and exercise your body’s temperature rises during these physical activities. You have to sweat to bring this body temperature down before it reaches its critical core temperature. Once the body reaches a high of 104 degrees, the brain responds by shutting down the motor cortex. This explains if you experienced weak knees or a collapse after a tiring workout. When the core temperature of the body rises above 104 it is in a desperate move to cool down.

Of course, prevention is always better than cure so let us try to prevent excessive sweating by just following some simple steps. Wearing loose and light-colored clothes as dark-colored ones absorb heat and serve as a cooler place for the body. Some even prepare a humidifier at home to keep down their sweating armpits. An idea to cool us down during hot summer days is to take a cold shower before going out. This not only removes all the dust and dirt from our bodies but also helps the body feel cool and refreshed. Apart from this, stay in an air-conditioned area and drink a lot of water. On cool occasions, take a cold drink and pulse the cold water. This helps cool down our body temperature and reduces our sweating armpits.

We all know of some people who are known to be good at removing their armpit sweat without even trying. Some of them are doctors, lawyers, Scientists, and researchers working in their suits at all times. Excessive sweating is not the solution to the problem and if we indulge in such habits we will not be able to successfully block the sweat and avoid the bad odor of sweat. So the only solution to block the sweat is to stop the sweat and maintain the cleanliness of your body. So next time you feel some sweat coming out of your body, get up and move and shake yourself around.”It is recommended that a person should get out of the hot area and take a cold shower and dry himself fully before he roosts again. Another good piece of advice is to shave your armpits to take off the hair which helps in absorbing the sweat and preventing it from coming out. Another thing to consider is the use of antiperspirant deodorants and wearing light clothes that do not give extra sweat and make you feel fresh.

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